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I believe that all women are and should be a strong and independent on your ability and skill to take care of herself regardless if they're single or in a relationship.

If you look up "independent woman" on google you might get a definition to this.

"A woman who pays her own bills, buys her own things, and does not allow a man to affect her stability or self-confidence. She supports herself entirely on her own and is proud to be able to do so."

While being independent does mean you can care for yourself, that only part of it. how you feel about yourself is what truly makes you a strong, independent woman.

These are the 7 Trait every Strong, Independent Woman have.

1)She Love Herself BEFORE Other Loves Her.

she love herself and does not require the need for other to love her first. She is happy, even by herself. She know her strength and weakness and she love who she is. She work to improve herself for her sake and not for other.


2) Knows Her Worth

She Know what she brings to the table at home and at work. She does what she believe in and for this, she is love by some and hated by others. She is humble and fill with gratitude.


3) Have a Plan.

a plan is a roadmap for life. Life may have twist and turns but she is always prepared. She plan ahead of time because she knows a life without a plan is a lost life.


4) She Have Faith.

Faith is super important. She who believe she can, she will. Life will bring many challenges and she is never afraid because she have faith. Having Faith is what allows her to push through and move forward regardless of any setbacks.

"what god have intend for you is far more than what you can imagine" - Oprah


5) She Have GOALS.

She have goals in life. She have big dreams and she set goals to accomplish them. She breaks down her goals into small attainable action plan. She takes on her goals one day at a time and give it the best she can. Every small goal that she reach no matter how small is a step towards her dream.


6) She leaves bad situations in the dust.

She’s not about to let her happiness be tarnished by someone else’s unhappiness. We each get to choose how we live. She chooses happiness. Bad Situation occurs in our life all the time.

Most people would think that walking away is a sign of weakness, but a independent woman knows that it takes strong will to walk away.


7) She Comfortable in her own Skin.

She knows who she is and what she want. She doesn't shy away from ideas and she look forwards to challenges.

She knows that everything will be fine even in bad situation and with that she is confident and powerful.

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