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Mother’s Day 2023 is just around the corner and we’re as excited as ever to brainstorm some unique Mother’s day activities! You won’t find a more comprehensive and unique list of things to do for Mother’s Day. With the world in constant state of change, you’ll want to plan a couple options. This way if case last minute changes in public health guidelines make your initial plans unlikely to happen, you’ll have a solid plan B to fall back on and mom will still have a stellar Mother’s Day. The moms in our lives deserve the world. No. More than the world… They deserve the universe. And at the very least, they deserve to spend Mothers Day doing something special, fun, and unique to their personality. Some moms want nothing more than to sit back, sip a cocktail, and enjoy some serenity. While other moms would love something a bit more exciting like a hike or bungee jumping. Every mom is different so when you’re making plans for this year’s Mother’s Day keep her unique preferences and personality in mind.

Top three things to keep in mind when planning Mother’s Day activities.

There are a few things that just about every mother out there would want for Mother’s Day. And honestly these are no-brainers, but still worth mentioning. 

  • Let mom sleep in. [When was the last time she did this?]

  • Don’t let mom lift a finger. [Mom shouldn’t have to wipe, clean or cook a thing for anyone on her special day.]

  • Quality time. [Whatever you plan for the day, think about adding in some quality time with the whole family for at least a portion.]

From mom herself —

My Mother’s Day is a quiet one. A day where I could relax and not have to cook, clean, wipe butts, or manage the household. On my perfect Mother’s Day, my husband would take care of these things and I would expect my kids to help.We do so much as mothers and self care is often neglected. We need to take care of ourselves. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. So on this Mother’s Day, I plan to fill my cup.— Me.😁

Don’t forget the Mother’s Day card!

While you’re busy scheming up the greatest Mother’s Day to ever exist– don’t forget about the crucial Mother’s Day card. She will no doubt be looking forward to reading your special message. Remember to write something from the heart! Mom is one special lady so don’t cut any corners — sending her a text on Mother’s Day is a huge no-no.

Or Two sample itineraries for a truly unique Mother’s Day mom will love.

Ok so you’ve read through this giant list of ideas and your mind is likely buzzing with potential. How will you combine these activities into one epic day? Here we have two Mother’s Day sample itineraries to get you thinking. 

A full day with mom on Mother’s Day.

  • The night before, get to cleaning the whole house!

  • Let mom sleep in and wake to a sparkling home.

  • Make mom Breakfast in bed.

  • Head to the park for an afternoon Yoga session (or do it indoors). 

  • Stroll through the farmer’s market, picking out a few yummy items…

  • Take those items and have a light picnic.

  • End the day with a low-key Mother’s Day Happy Hour with the family and any other moms in your life. 

  • Order mom’s favorite takeout to compliment the happy hour.

Mother’s Day Itinerary for long-distance families.

  • Send mom flowers from a local florist so it is the first thing she gets after waking up.

  • Zoom with mom and ask her some fun questions (interview for your mom life book).

    • Make plans for a trip together in the future.

    • Take a virtual class together… or plan your monthly mother-daughter book club.

  • Order mom’s favorite takeout for lunch (or dinner)… thanks to apps this is now possible or just call the restaurant.

How will you spend Mother’s Day this year?

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