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Overcome Fear: 6 Powerful Strategies we can use!


Its so easy to get stuck in it. To let it hold you back.

We all have been there so many times in our life.

For example, i sometime have fears to try something new, changing my daily routine... something will change and it could go wrong.. silly me, right?

The fear that we have are base on how we think about things in life. Destructive though habits can create a lot of fear that is unnecessary and damaging.

But remember, there are many ways to handle these it happens and we can replace them with healthier habits.

So today, i want to share with you 6 powerful strategies we can do to help.

  1. You keep the Fear foggy and undefined.

As long as your fear of doing something is foggy and undefined and just floating around your mind, it will hold you back and often grow stronger with time.

So what to do instead---->

Ask yourself this question: what is the worst that could realistically happen?

And don't just take a second or two to answer it.

Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper. Take time to really think about it and to write

out the realistic worst-case scenario.

This will:

-Bring a lot of clarity to what you truly fear.

-Defuse quite a bit of fuzzy fears or disaster scenarios that

may have been bouncing around in your mind.

-Help you to realize that you can often bounce back

pretty quick even if the worst-case scenario somehow becomes


2. You keep the fear to yourself.

When you keep the fear to yourself, then it can

easily take charge of your imagination.

and build a horrific and paralyzing nightmare in your mind.

What to do instead:

-Writing it down as mentioned above can certainly

help you.

-Another step you can take is to share your fear with someone.

-By sharing and getting some level headed and put from a friend or relatives

that nightmare can often be quickly deflated and seen for what it really is.

And just by talking about it to someone else who truly listens

will release a lot of your inner tensions.

3. You focus on aspects that will keep you stuck.

If you just focus on the negative things that could happen if you

face your fear, then its gonna be very hard to move on.

What to do instead:

-A change in perspective is needed!

-You can get it by talking to your friends or relatives.

-And by exchanging ideas and experience about what opportunities

lie ahead if you move forward.

You do it by focusing on the positive and why you want to move on what you fear.

A few questions that have helped need to find the more constructive and positive perspective when i have faced the fears are:

-What are the potential up-side that i want and can have by taking these actions?

-What are the potential up-sides in one year if i start moving this path and how my life will be?

Take these questions over with someone or take notes and answer yourself.

4. You misinterpret the often little info you have.

It is easy to take very few experiences-- maybe just one and start seeing them as evidence of something permanent and frightening in your life.

What to do instead:

-Question your fear and what are they based on.

-Again, sit down with that paper and think back to what evidence you have in your memories for fear and our belief of yours.

-Try to see the situation that created your fear with fresh eyes from today.

Doing this helps you reduce our fear of social rejection.

5. You try to push the fear away.

When you try to deny your fear, or push it away, or not thinking about it, then it will often grow stronger.

What to do instead:

-You should accept it and go through it.

-Remember about the positive side and the negative side.

-Control your thoughts and remember to stay calm.

-Breathe and take your time and tell yourself, "The fear is here. Stay calm, don't panic. I accept whats happening."

Often after a few minutes, of discomfort, The fear starts to lose control. It becomes smaller or it just flees your brain and its outta there!

6. You make it harder than it needs to be taken with action.

If you think you have to take action big, to overcome your fear, then it leads to more fear than your average. The most important way is by moving slowly, And doing things this way will only not build momentum but also self-confidence and open your comfort zone.

And all of this will make it a lot easier to take a bit bigger steps later on too if you'd like too.

The End. I hope this was very helpful!

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