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Series of : How 2020 has changed me...

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

2020.. a year that we will never forget.

I believe we all experience "the 2020" in so many different ways and feeling.

“It’s likely that these unprecedented times shaped people’s personality traits to a certain degree as people were forced to leave their comfort zone and their daily routine,” says Mirjam Stieger of the Lifespan Developmental Psychology Laboratory at Brandeis University, in Massachusetts, where she’s been working on an app to help people deliberately change their traits.

The many months of changes to our routines may have led to changes in our behaviour that will stick long after the pandemic has finished. It “may lead to new norms, which may over time also shape our personalities,” says Wiebke Bleidorn at the Personality Change Laboratory at the University of California, Davis.

For me, the Big question is " Did we changed our personality because of the Pandemic?"

Personally speaking, i say, We Did.

One by one, i want to share my story with all my friends because i believe that we all have one thing in common so far " we are Grateful to be here today!" so lets share, lets talk about it, lets inspire each others and lets carry on...

Chapter 1.

Pandemic vs Business

As a business owner, when my business has to closed down for 2 months, its very difficult to watch your door closed and the salon empty and quite... Money wise, no income. I remember during that time, i used to sneak out to the Salon everyday, turn on the lights and just clean up around a little bit and there was many moments that i miss the feeling of " rush hours and busy weekend" when the salon was full of people, customers waiting , all the stations was filled and so many loud noises from the music and people talking,.. spanish, english... it was always like that. One time, i was inside the salon with one of my friend, the front door was locked. We heard a very loud bang on the door and i came and open it, there was a Guy, honestly, i didn't know who he was up till now but he was screaming to my face that i was not allowed to be there, that he will take my license away if i don't leave right away. For Once in my life, i felt "threaten" and scared, i felt like i was doing something horribly wrong. I cried on the way back home that day and i told myself, the day that my Salon door open again, i will ever never take anything for granted, i will treasure every day at work and will work even harder every day... i will enjoy every little conversations me and my clients sharing.

to be continued...

Chapter 2

Living with Pandamic

As i remember, it was May 11, 2020 when they announced that we allowed to re-open.

"The new Normal" has began!

Everyone was very happy and excited to see each other again, we all sat down the first day and bring out new policy to make it safe and fit in with the situation.

Everything seem "OK" but i can feel that everyone has a little caution and afraid... every time someone sneeze, someone cough, just different.

Day by day, i realize that

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